Bullying is an issue that's discussed far too often.

That's why Pine Tree ISD has created a new anti-bullying app to help combat it, called Anonymous Alerts.

Students, parents and staff can anonymously report bullying in their schools.

The app allows you to report things ranging from student depression to safety concerns, and even family issues. It provides a two-way communication system between students and administrators.

All reports must be reviewed and responded to in a timely manner, and Principal Shalonda Adams from Pine Tree P.A.C.E personally looks at every case reported.

"It allows them to be open and able to do it without fear of retaliation, or of the situation being known by the offender," Adams said.

Adams says that so far the app has been very effective, and she believes it should be used by all schools across East Texas.

If you have a student that wants to download the app, it's free and available in the app store.