TYLER — If you're searching for the next big thing for your stomach to digest, The Porch at ETX Brewing Co. in Tyler has got the foodies covered!

Their new "Porch Farm Challenge" is a doozy!

The two-pound burger is topped with four fried eggs, bacon, macaroni and cheese, fried onions and what they call, "sweet heat."

Next to all that meat sits three pounds of French fries, making the $45 meal more than a whopping FIVE POUNDS!

If you've got the stomach to eat it in 30 minutes or less, they pay for the meal, get you a picture on their wall and your own choice of a T-shirt.

For those who don't find enough room to finish it all, the eatery says, "you just got your fill and had a lot of FUN!"

The challenge has already taken its first victim, and with enough willpower, you could be next!