One new Bill can affect what’s being called “Sexually Oriented Businesses” across East Texas.

Some of those businesses include, Gentleman Clubs, and Adult Movie Theaters. The Bill will require them to list the number of the National Human Trafficking Resource Center.

"They are going to be in bathrooms, next to a mirror." says Deanda Frost, Prevention Director of East Texas Sex Trafficking Organization.

She adds, "You know if she's at a club or something like that and see's this information and then looks at herself in the mirror and maybe she can be reminded of her worth and her value."

The biggest Hot Spots for Sex Trafficking are Houston and Dallas and Tyler sits right in the middle. She says more than 300 thousand cases of Labor and Sex Trafficking have been identified in Texas and more than 1,000 cases reported in East Texas. She hopes with the new law, more victims see themselves as humans.

"Because of those feelings, if maybe they hadn't seen a sign, hadn't seen a number they maybe might have not reached out or felt too much shame." Deanda says.

According to the bill, if businesses don’t post the notices in restrooms, they will receive a misdemeanor. Also, the punishment for Human Trafficking offenders will increase from a Class A misdemeanor to a state jail felony.