LUFKIN, Texas — A new company is expected to bring a number of job opportunities to East Texas as well as lend a helping hand when severe weather strikes.

Sterling's Terra-Lam Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) Mat Manufacturing Facility opened their doors as an East Texas staple Monday. The company ships cross laminated timber products across the region. 

Lufkin houses the largest CLT facility in the southern portion of the United States. As a result, products are sent quicker and easier to damaged or affected areas in Texas. 

"The fact is that when local communities like this succeed the entire state of Texas succeeds," Governor Greg Abbott said during facility's grand opening. "This is a very strategic graphic location with abundant natural resources, including the vast Piney Forest throughout East Texas. And as a result, Lufkin makes this an ideal location for this particular facility." 

The facility is more than 350,000 square feet and promises to deliver protection mats to more than 300 industrial products around the world. 

"This is a $30 million project, and we try to keep everything in this general area," maintenance engineer Michael Cercone said. "We try to hire all the local contractors and bringing stuff back into this area to grow this area."

One of the benefits Mat Manufacturing will provide to their is bringing products affected by severe weather quickly. The mats created at this facility can be used for temporary access to roads and bridges. 

"Instead of like digging up a road, laying down gravel, rock or getting equipment turned over, we lay these mats down," Cercone explained. 

Cercone says the new company not only brings economic growth, but more employment. 

"They're building their businesses. They're growing. They're able to buy new equipment," Cercone explained.  "[This] allows a lot of some of these businesses [in Texas] to really expand and become larger, which which helps employ more people in the general area." 

According to Sterling Solutions, 150 positions will be available to job seekers. To apply, visit their website