While music legends have come and gone, Tyler's Mayfair Building remains as a testament to the city's rich history.

"You can't describe that type of feeling that you get with that musical history," said Ronny Anderson, President of Friends of the Mayfair.

Built in the late 1920's by the city as a multipurpose venue, the Mayfair has featured a variety of big names over the years. The list includes music legends like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton.

That's why Friends of the Mayfair, a local non profit is raising funds to revitalize the venue for future generations.

"You cannot buy history. You can preserve it. But, you cannot buy it," Anderson said.

It's an initiative that has the city's full support. At a ceremony on Wednesday, Mayor Martin Heines declared May 31st Mayfair day and reminded residents of the venue's historic importance.

"They matter not only because of the structure, but the heart and soul of what occurred in this building for generations," Heines said.

Once the money is raised, Friends of the Mayfair plan to bring the building up to current city code and add modern conveniences.

"My mother, she watched Elvis perform here in the 1950's, when my mother was in her late 20's," Project Preservation Architect Mark Thacker said, "We can bring that back to life."

For more information about the non profit Friends of the Mayfair or to learn how to donate, visit their Facebook page or website.