LIBERTY CITY, Texas — The man accused of robbing a Sabine-area bank in June is also believed to have robbed another bank in Hays County, near San Antonio.

According to Lt. Josh Tubb, the local robber occurred at the First National Bank of Hughes Springs off Farm-to-Market Road 1252 in Liberty City. Officials were notified of the incident around 9:10 a.m., on June 28.

This is the second time in two years this particular bank has been targeted. On April 21 2017, Hector Camargo robbed the bank and was arrested shortly after. He was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison for that robbery and the robberies of two more Gregg County-area banks.

"If you recognize anything about this individual, we know he was wearing a mask so that makes it a little hard,," Lt. Tubb said. "But if you recognize anything about him a build the way the stance is, please call the Gregg's County Sheriff Office. Help us bring this to a quick resolution." 

According to Lt. Tubb, the robber was a white man who stands approximately six-feet tall. He was wearing jeans and a light-colored denim jacket over a dark-colored hoodie. He was also wearing a dark-colored hat with writing on the front, mechanic-style gloves and light-colored shoes.

Officials say he was armed and carrying a black bag with a white stripe.

To help locate the culprit, K-9's were brought in to help, in addition to the FBI. However, at this time, he has not been located.

"We are still actively searching for this individual," Lt. Tubb said. "We're not going to stop looking for this person until we're able to bring them into custody to answer for this crime."

The subject, who has not been identified, is also believed to have robbed Broadway Bank, located at 14710 Old Ranch Road in Wimberley (Hays County), on June 20, according to Lt. Tubb.

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