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Officials responding to numerous areas around Longview due to high water

Remember that if water is covering the roadway: TURN AROUND, DON'T DROWN!

LONGVIEW, Texas — The Longview Police Department (LPD) and Longview Fire Department (LFD) are responding to various locations around the city due to high water on roadways.

According to the LFD, those areas include:

  • High Street and Cotton Street
  • Mobberly Avenue and Methvin Street
  • Green Street and Mopac Road
  • Tulip Lane
  • 300 block of Drake Street

The streets/intersections are all located in low-lying areas with poor drainage.

In addition to the above areas, the LFD says the intersection of West Marshall Avenue at Ward Street (eastbound and westbound) is closed due to flooding.

The National Weather Service (NWS) says Longview officials are conducting high-water rescues due to people driving into flooded areas.

Gladewater police have also closed down Shell Camp Road due toe flooding. Do not drive around barricades.

City crews in Whitehouse are working to close one lane of the 1200 block of Highway 110 North as water is coming over the roadway. Please use caution in the area..

According to Smith County officials, high water has also been reported over Greenbriar Road (County Road 1125), just north of Lake Placid Road (County Road 1113). 

Remember that if water is covering the roadway: TURN AROUND, DON'T DROWN!

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As showers and storms are expected to stick around through early Saturday, it's important to know areas that could be covered in high water.

CBS19 has also put together a list of roadways and areas prone to flooding across East Texas:


  • Farm-to-Market Road 315 at County Road 314 (Frankston)
  • Farm-to-Market Road 861 at Mack Creek (Palestine)
  • Farm-to-Market Road 321 West at Catfish Creek (Tennessee Colony)


  • Bremond Avenue (Lufkin)
  • Farm-to-Market Road 2497 (Diboll)
  • Farm-to-Market Road 58 (Lufkin)
  • Farm-to-Market Road 324 (Lufkin)
  • Farm-to-Market Road 706 (Lufkin)
  • Farm-to-Market Road 3150 (Lufkin)
  • Farm-to-Market Road 1818 (Diboll)
  • Frank Avenue near hospital (Lufkin)
  • Frank Avenue under Angelina Street overpass (Lufkin)
  • Loop 287 under Tulane Drive overpass (Lufkin)
  • Pershing Avenue at Chambers Park (Lufkin)


  • County Road 1508 (Gallatin)
  • County Road 1405 (Jacksonville)
  • County Road 1807 (Maydelle)
  • County Road 1316 (Rusk)
  • Farm-to-Market Road 2064 (Gould)
  • Farm-to-Market Road 2750 (Gould)
  • Farm-to-Market Road 855 (Mt. Selman)
  • Farm-to-Market Road 2274 (New Summerfield)
  • Farm-to-Market Road 23 (Rusk)
  • Farm-to-Market Road 1247 (Wells)


  • Boorman Trail (Longview)
  • Brent Road (Longview)
  • Dudley Road (Kilgore)
  • Dumas Road (Longview)
  • East Tuttle Road (White Oak)
  • George Richey Road (White Oak)
  • Grace Creek at Cotton Street (Longview)
  • Grace Creek at Spur 63 (Longview)
  • Grace Creek at Fairmont Street (Longview)
  • Grace Creek at Loop 281 (Longview)
  • Green Street north of Cotton Street (Longview)
  • High Street north of Cotton Street (Longview)
  • Highway 135 (Gladewater)
  • Houston Street (Kilgore)
  • LaFamo Road (Longview)
  • Leach Street (Kilgore)
  • Lake Devernia - Highway 80 (White Oak)
  • Lois Jackson Park (Longview)
  • Mobberly Street north of Cotton Street (Longview)
  • River Road (Liberty City)
  • Shell Camp Road (Gladewater)
  • Tomlinson Parkway (Longview)
  • Turkey Creek (Kilgore)
  • West Hawkins Parkway (Longview)
  • Woodlawn Street (Kilgore)

To check out the full Longview flood map, click here.


  • Farm-to-Market Road 315 (Poynor)
  • Farm-to-Market Road 3441 (Crossroads)


  • East Main Street (Nacogdoches)
  • Farm-to-Market Road 226 (Etoile)
  • Mound Street (Nacogdoches)
  • Old Tyler Road (Nacogdoches)
  • Pearl Street (Nacogdoches)
  • Powers Street (Nacogdoches)
  • Press Road (Nacogdoches)
  • State Highway 21 East (Nacogdoches)


  • Farm-to-Market Road 13 at Bowles Creek (Price)
  • Farm-to-Market Road 3135 (Church Hill)
  • Farm-to-Market Road 1798 (Mt. Enterprise)


  • County Road 129 (Antioch)
  • County Road 2265 (Douglas)
  • County Road 185 (Flint)
  • County Road 168 (Noonday)
  • County Road 178 (Noonday)
  • County Road 1125 (Tyler)
  • County Road 1141 (Tyler)
  • County Road 1131 (Tyler)
  • County Road 463 (Wood Springs)
  • County Road 472 (Wood Springs)
  • U.S. Highway 69 (Flint)
  • Farm-to-Market 346 (Tyler)
  • Highway 110 (Tyler/Whitehouse)
  • Lake Placid Road (Tyler)
  • Vineyard Avenue (Tyler)
  • Farm-to-Market 2868 (Saline Creek Crossing) (Flint)


  • U.S. Highway 271 (Upshur County line)


  • Farm-to-Market Road 1254 (Mineola)
  • Farm-to-Market Road 1804 (Mineola)
  • Farm-to-Market Road 69 (Como)
  • Farm-to-Market 312 (Quitman)
  • Farm-to-Market Road 515 (Yantis)
  • Farm-to-Market 49 (Quitman)


  • Assess your risk for flooding. Do you live in a flood plain, in a low-lying area, or along the coast? Are there creeks and streams nearby that fill up when it rains? Are there low-lying areas near or around your home’s perimeter?
  • If your risks are high, consider getting flood insurance. Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover damage from rising water.
  • You may be able to reduce your risks by improving drainage near or around your home. Install drains or dig ditches to help divert water before it has a chance to rise.
  • In some cases, sandbags can prevent floodwaters from entering your home. Purchase sandbags if you may need them, and be sure to fill them up ahead of time.
  • When the threat of flooding is high, evacuate early. Don’t wait until it’s already flooded. If you have time, shut off the electricity before you go.
  • Create your Disaster Supply Kit and keep it in an easily accessible place.


  • Keep your Disaster Supply Kit handy so you can grab it and go in case you must evacuate suddenly.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of floodwaters. They can move swiftly, often faster than they appear. They are very dangerous. A car will float in only a few inches of swiftly moving water.
  • Never allow children to play near floodwaters.
  • Adults are also at risk. As little as six inches of moving water can knock an adult off their feet.
  • If you become stranded by floodwaters and must escape, wear a life jacket. In some situations, it may be safer to climb onto a rooftop or into a tree and wait for rescue.
  • Never drive into flooded roadways. Water can look like it’s only a few inches deep when it’s actually several feet deep. All it takes is one foot of water to make a car or SUV float.
  • Moving floodwaters can sweep away your car in a matter of seconds. If you see water on the road, turn around and don’t drown.


Wait for local emergency management officials to give the all-clear before returning home.

When it’s safe to go home, take the following precautions:

  • Do not enter your home if the electricity may still be on.
  • Beware of displaced wildlife, such as snakes and bats. Do not handle them.
  • Wear sturdy shoes, long pants, long sleeves, and gloves when cleaning up.
  • Follow safety recommendations when using chain saws and power tools.
  • Help prevent mold by disinfecting household items with a bleach solution.

If you'd like to see if you live in an area susceptible to flooding, click here.

If you know of an area that causes a flooding issue, text us at (903) 600-2600 or send an email to rroy@cbs19.tv.