People are falling in love with a female shepherd whose status as a new mama was cut short after her puppies went missing and are feared dead.

One look at the video from Nicholas Pet Haven, a local animal shelter, shows it all...her terrified look, shivering body and injured leg.

The mama dog, named Tessa, was found near Spence and White Veterinary Clinic on Wednesday and feared dumped. She was full of milk and had a leg injury, so Dr. Spence knew she just had puppies, but they were not with her:

Nicholas Pet Haven helped look for the puppies, but they were never found.

"There were signs of hogs everywhere, but no puppies," Dr. Spence said.

Dr. Spence fears the hogs killed the puppies, and believes Tessa fought the hogs which caused her leg injury.

Although the search for her puppies has been unsuccessful, the love and support pouring into the clinic on her behalf has been tremendous. The video shared on Nicholas Pet Haven's Facebook page has gone viral with over 52K views, 1.3k reactions, and has been shared almost 2,500 times.

Dr. Spence said Tessa has come out of her shell since Wednesday, and will soon be moved to a quiet foster home so she can be loved and learn to trust again.

If you would like to help with Tessa's recovery or keep up with her progress, you can view her story here.