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UT Tyler students head back to school

Excitement filled the campus air as students prepared for classes to resume, from sorority recruitment to finding their classes.

TYLER, Texas — University of Texas at Tyler students are geared up for the new semester. 

"It’s a little crazy but I'm looking forward to all my classes," said McKenna Waller, a psychology and biology major student. 

The first day of school at UT Tyler is Monday and students could be either preparing for a sorority rush or walking around to find their classes.

"It is the first day of my senior year," said Hannah Ward, a kinesiology major student. "So I'm very excited."

According to Waller, the campus will be full of events on the first day. 

"We have a 'Welcome Back BBQ' and we have a lot of stuff with our organization," Waller said.

There was a lot of excitement near the Patriot Plaza, but this semester’s workload looks like a lot for some students. 

"I'm coming into my second year of nursing school and it's a lot of pressure," said Taylor Veileux, a nursing student. "But, everyone's underneath the same pressure."

Waller said she lives and breathes by her planner to keep her days in order.

"I literally can't go anywhere without my planner," Waller said. "I make sure to time block and make sure that's all organized. I work full time too, so I have to make sure that I'm on top of everything."

But for others, this semester looks like it’ll be a breeze. 

Incoming freshman student Michael Rivera said he got lucky with all morning classes.

"It looks pretty easy so far," said Rivera. "I don't have any classes past 12 p.m., which is amazing. I'm not used to that."

Others are wrapping up the end of their college journey.

"It's not super busy I'm finishing up my last few major classes," Ward said. "Then I also have an internship that I have to finish up, but I'm so excited for it."

Ward and Veileux have some advice to share for other students in the Rose City. 

"Stop and smell the roses because I can't believe I'm about to graduate like it's goes so fast and I wish I would have cherished some stuff a little bit more," Ward said.

"Just take some time to enjoy the moment," Veileux added.

The Welcome Back BBQ will be held Monday from 5 to 7 p.m. on the Patriot Plaza. Students are encouraged to come out and celebrate the start on a new school year with free food and giveaways.

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