WHITEHOUSE, Texas — As students at Whitehouse ISD start their second week of school, they are being introduced to a new method, formative assessment learning. 

"We're introducing more formative assessments on a regular basis with students," 7th-grade math teacher at Whitehouse Junior High, Lauren Bolton, said. 

According to the district, the formative assessment gives teachers quicker feedback. After a lesson plan, the teacher will hand out an assessment that correlates with the lesson plan.

"We'll sort those into three piles," science coordinator and member of the professional learning community, Ann Butler, said. "The students who really understand it. The students who are still struggling, and the kids who are very lost."

Mrs. Bolton teaches Whitehouse Junior High math class
Mrs. Bolton teaches Whitehouse Junior High math class

According to Butler, if a student is struggling they will pull them aside as soon as possible. This gives the student an opportunity to learn through a different teaching method.  

"We may talk about it we may write about it," Butler said. "We may manipulate it or write about it. We can't just expect them to step in front of the room and talk about it and expect them to understand."

Instructional coordinators will be used to help teachers with different subjects. 

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