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Children are a Gift: Billie

Billie has faced lots of disappointment in her young life and she's hoping her luck is about to change once she finds a forever family.

Billie has been waiting most of her life to be loved and wanted. She has been in care since she was just five years old. She’s now almost fifteen.

“I don’t want to age out of the system. I just want to get a place and call it home,” said Billie.

Spending almost ten years in foster care has not been easy for her.

“It’s difficult. I want to go home. I miss my mom and dad very much, but they made their decisions and that’s why I ended up here. My dad not only hit my mom, but he hit me as well,” shared Billie sadly.

Despite her past, Billie is a passionate and energetic teenager who enjoys singing, dancing and listening to music.

“I’ve been in choir for four years. I’m a beautiful singer.”

But she enjoys sports just as much.

“I love softball and volleyball, but I really love horseback riding,” she said with a big smile. “I hope to live in the country with a family that has horses. I used to do English Riding and jump hurdles.”

This young lady is very outgoing, talkative and resilient. She has been moved to several different homes, three in just the last year.

“I’m currently supposed to be in the 9th-grade, but I got held back in 2nd-grade and 6th-grade, twice, because of my moving so much and it was hard for me because I didn’t ever have time to focus on school and so it’s difficult,” acknowledged Billie.

She’s also had to deal with three failed adoptions, making it hard for her to trust again. Despite feeling hurt, she is hopeful there is still a family out there for her.

“I want them to love me. I want them to care for me. I want them to do the things that my parents didn’t get to do with me.”

With tears welling up in her eyes, Billie wonders what lies ahead.

“I want to be the happiest girl in the world. Right now I go to school and see these kids talk about their mom and dad and I’m like, where’s mine?”

Billie would like to be the only child in a family. She asks for patience and time to bond with new parents. She also wants a forever family who will accept her the way she is with unconditional love, and she has a lot of love to give in return.

“I would bring a family happiness, peace and joy.”

Billie has learned from her past and says she's not going to let it define her future. She’s ready to reach her potential and share her love with a forever family.

To learn more about Billie call 903-533-4242 or email gsheridan@cbs19.tv.