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Children are a Gift: Deante

A teenager with a love for creativity can't wait to be a part of a forever family and hopes that family includes a 4-legged family member too.

Deante may be quiet at first, but after spending a little time at Geek World in Tyler he was quick to open up about everything Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z and one of his all-time favorites, Batman.

Right now, his favorite things to do are drawing and writing.

"I write songs. I am in to rap. I take the lyrics to some songs and remake it into my own words," said Deante.

He is a 14-year-old who enjoys playing outside and even fishing, but he also appreciates comic books since they inspire him.

"I draw a lot of stuff. I drew another note book. I drew so much my other one got worn out."

While Deante enjoyed this special trip, he does enjoy school and requires additional help with his classes, saying math is his toughest subject.

"But all of my other subjects are great, I have good grades," he said. "I like the writing because I write all of the time. When they give me an assignment, I write two pages full."

Since he's a creative kid, he loves art at school, too.

"I made a collage yesterday and I made graffiti on paper with just paint no spray paint with markers and stuff, crayons and pencil."

Deante dreams of a family that includes siblings, but most of all, he needs parents who are strong role models and will support him through everything.

"Supporting me in school, and homework and supporting me all through life," Deante said.

Hopefully that special family will allow him even more love with a pet to love on -- cat or dog.

Deante needs a family who will be patient with him and showers him a lot of one on one attention, but most of all he desires:

A good day, not being yelled at, sweet and loving and loving and caring.

He says that will help him develop to the best of his abilities.