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Children are a Gift: Deuntaye and Derion

After years in foster care Deuntaye and Derion are hoping to be adopted together.  These brothers want to grow up together and share many memories. 

After spending years in foster care, Deuntaye and his little brother, Derion, are pretty bonded.

“They want to be adopted together and need some extra attention,” said the brother’s foster mom.

Although they are very close, their personalities are opposite.

“Deuntaye is a very nice boy. He is pretty quiet, but everybody at school loves him,” she explained. Derion on the other hand is outgoing.

Deuntaye is 9-years-old and in the 3rd grade. He enjoys being outside playing sports, riding his bike and learning.

“I’m on the honor roll. I make mostly A’s and B’s. I like to read all kinds of books,” shared Deuntaye.

His little brother, Derion, is 8-years-old and in the 2nd grade. He is very engaging, energetic and curious.

“I like to do math and science. Those are my two favorite subjects,” said Derion.

He also enjoys singing in the church choir and is making the most out of being in foster care.

These boys need a home with structure and patience to help them continue to deal with their past while planning for a future.

Both brothers told me how important it is to be adopted together.

Deuntaye said, “It’s super important because I don’t want to play with nobody but my brother. He’s fun to play with.”

Derion simply stated, “My brother is nice to me.”

To learn more about Deuntaye and Derion, call 903-533-4242 or email gsheridan@cbs19.tv.