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Children Are A Gift: Victoria

For a young girl, playing with a doll can be fun. But for a foster child it can mean much more than a toy. And that's the case for a young girl named Victoria.

On a rainy day at the American Girl Store, 10-year-old Victoria walked right into sunshine.

"And this is my new doll Lilly."

For Victoria, this special doll represents companionship. It means she doesn't have to feel alone in a world without parents and a permanent home.

"She means everything to me. She is going to follow me everywhere I go."

Victoria has been in foster care almost two years. She likes to play dress-up and likes surprises, like when she found out she was getting a matching outfit to her new doll.

Victoria is full of life and gratitude. She is thankful for today and the love she has received from her current foster family.

"It's been good. Why has it been good? Cause this life is more better than my old life."

Victoria wants to be loved and not mistreated.

"I wouldn't like them to hit me and to just be nice to me."

Victoria needs patient parents who will provide structure and consistency while allowing her to keep in close contact with her biological grandparents.

Victoria is anxious to be adopted.

"Very good with dogs, cats, any kind of animal. I'm a good helper with babies. And I would just like to be homeschooled."

Just like Victoria nurtures her new baby, she prays for a forever family who will take care of her and never let go.