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Tyshawn has been in foster care half his life, he wishes a forever family will ‘put a roof’ over his head

Ty needs a loving family who will recognize how brilliant he is and take his potential to the next level.

DALLAS — Wednesday’s Child 11-year-old Tyshawnn is going to do something big in this world. His advocates say not only is he sweet, but he has a brain that’s like an encyclopedia. 

"I'm intelligent, athletic, funny. I eat a lot, but I'm still skinny," said Tyshawnn. He told WFAA that he likes to be called “Ty.”

He is so darling; it's no surprise his advocates can't stop singing his praises. Linda Mitchell is Ty's Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA).

"He's an award-winning student in almost every category. Even though he has moved from school to school, every time he gets to a new school, he ends up winning the awards," said Mitchell, proudly.

She brought him to the Keep Spinning DJ Academy in Dallas and nonprofit Spin the Spectrum to learn how to DJ from pros, like DJ Jay Clipp.

"I became a scratch master," said Ty.

He was a natural at learning the new technique. DJ Spinderella, former member of the legendary hip hop group Salt-N-Peppa, showed up to WFAA Wednesday’s Child taping with some advice.

"To be calm whenever you DJ and if you get something wrong, don't just quit. Keep going," said Ty.

Quitting has never been an option for him.

"He's been in care twice over a period of six years," said Mitchell.

Despite the uncertainties of foster care for half his life, one thing is very certain: Ty is going places.

"He's very clever. You can't really put anything over on him. You have to be very watchful when you're having a conversation with him, because he catches everything,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell said Ty needs a loving family who will recognize how brilliant he is and take his potential to the next level.

"A family that will provide a roof over my head, and just like… a family that would be able to take care of me,” said Ty.

Ty's advocates believe a good male role model is important for him, along with a family who's active and provides immeasurable love and support.

"I just hope that Tyshawnn gets the family he deserves and gets the kind of future he deserves. He can really make a difference in this world,” said Mitchell.

If you are interested in adopting Tyshawnn (Ty), please call EMPOWER at 833-7FOSTER (736-7837) and press *. You can also email wednesdayschild@3empower.org. Please remember to include Tyshawnn's name within the subject line.

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