Thanksgiving is not just a time of thanks, but a time to give back.

That's exactly what over 300 East Texans did on the night before Thanksgiving at the Green Acres Baptist Church.

They all came together, building beds for children in foster care. The beds also go to children in kinship placements, when they live with a relative. They also go to children being reunited with their families.

The event is put on by Pure Religion, an Orphan Care Outreach Ministry.

They say this is a way to give a child comfort and something of their own. Many children don't have much when they go to a foster home.

It all started with members going to Maldova, building orphanages and beds there, before realizing there was also a need in Smith County.

Wednesday marked the third annual bed build for Smith County. The goal - to build 100 beds in 3 hours. That takes around 13,000 pounds of wood.

In Smith County there is around 370 children in the foster care system.

One member at the event told me the biggest need is families willing to foster children, the next... is for pillows, blankets, and sheets donated to help them provide each foster child with a complete bed.