Palestine Police is partnering with Secret Service to help combat cyber crimes.

The Secret Service will be providing training to a few select individuals across the nation that includes the following:

• provides state and local law enforcement, legal and judicial professionals a free, comprehensive education on current cyber crime trends, investigative methods, and prosecutorial and judicial challenges.

• The NCFI training model is based upon the Secret Service’s successful cyber investigative strategy, which relies on partnering with and sharing information between academia, private industry and law enforcement/legal communities to combat the ever evolving threat of cyber crime.

• The NCFI curriculum evolves and reflects current trends in the field and addresses potential technological obstacles as they are encountered in active investigations. • The NCFI is a 32,000 square foot facility located in Hoover, AL, a suburb of Birmingham.

• NCFI students receive the same equipment and software as the Special Agents trained by the Secret Service; a considerable benefit as it allows both the local officer and the federal agent to operate on common systems

“Nowadays, there's some sort of technology at every crime scene,” Detective Heavner said in a press release. “Depending upon the nature of the crime, data from these devices can be used as evidence, or even help solve a case.”

Criminal Investigations Captain Mark Harcrow stated,” Detective Heavner's skill set and training bring tremendous value to our community. This is a game-changer for crime fighting and investigations in our city.”