It hasn't been a week since Ciara George nearly drowned. The incident occurred on Sunday. Her mother Regina was switching shifts with her husband, while looking after hood. Suddenly, Ciara slipped out of her floating tub and sank to the bottom of the pool. It was moment Regina said still leaves her shaking in shock.

"Your heart is pounding, you're freaking out. Like, she's my little princess," George said as she caressed her daughter hair.

George reflected on how she could have lost her daughter, if it wasn't for a good Samaritan who was around when the incident happened. Fortunately, Bill Ellis was around to give Ciara CPR and help take her to a hospital.

"She's like an angel to me," Ellis said. "It's like God wanted me there at that time."

Ciara is doing better since the accident. A frightening moment, in the end, created a bond between two families. Ellis said Ciara will for now on be a part his life.

"She's like my little step-daughter," Ellis said.

This is the second incident in weeks, where a child slipped out of their floats. Authorities want parents and guardians to pay close attention to them at all times.