TYLER – Tyler stylist, Carmel ‘Cece’ Foster is speaking out after serving 5 years in prison for performing illegal breast enhancement procedures.

“It's torn my whole family apart,” Foster said. “I have to start all over, salon closed, Mercedes picked up, I lost two houses, everything is gone.”

Foster was arrested after a Longview woman, Sheena Bradford received the procedure and was later sent to the hospital for chest pains.

In 2012, Foster pleaded guilty to performing breast enhancement procedures without a medical license at Queen Divas Salon in Tyler.

That same year, Foster was sentenced to two consecutive sentences of eight and ten years.

Foster was paroled earlier this year on July 3 after serving 5 years and 5 months in prison.

She hopes that by speaking out, she will help others learn from her mistakes.

“For women that are considering it, please do not do this,” she said. “It can destroy your entire life and the women that are participating in it.”