Alisha Gibson said her 11-year-old son was knocked out unconscious by another student and suffered a concussion. She shared what happened on her Facebook page. In the post, Gibson said the news of his injury was because he fell. Then she said the school changed the story and said another student hit her son in the back of the head.

The incident happened Tuesday in the cafeteria at Pine Tree middle school. Gibson said the student who hurt her son is the same who's bullied him since the start of the school year. In response, Gibson filed a complaint against the student. That student could face a misdemeanor charge.

"I'm worried about my kid," Gibson said. "He doesn't never want to be at school. He doesn't want to do his school work. He just want's to go home all the time."

CBS 19 reached out the Pine Tree Independent School and they responded:

"There was an incident that involved two students. The investigation in under a full investigation... PTISD considers student safety our most important priority."

"It's really frustrating because I can't fix it," Gibson said.

After a visit to the hospital, Gibson said her son told her he only remembers waking up on the floor. She described her son as someone who avoid conflict and someone who doesn't like to fight. Gibson said she wants the school to clarify to what really happened in the cafeteria and an apology regarding how the school district has handled the issue.