TYLER, Texas — The Tyler Police Department is investigating an overnight burglary that resulted in 12-15 pistols being stolen from Gander Outdoors in Tyler.

According to the TPD, the burglary occurred around 2:30 a.m. at the outdoor sports store, located at 151 Market Square Boulevard.

"Everything we have indicates it was one person, but it could have been two," Det. Andy Erbaugh of TPD said. [It] could have been somebody outside, could have another person, could have been inside. We don't know for sure right now."

Once the perpetrator(s) broke inside through the window, they went towards the guns.

"Smashed, took the guns and left so from what I gathered, it was pretty quick,"  Det. Erbaugh said.

Det. Erbaugh tells CBS19 the firearms stolen were FN pistols.

According to Det. Erbaugh, the investigation is ongoing as Gander Outdoors staff continue to check inventory.