As the holidays get closer, the doctors and staff at Precision Spine Care in Tyler are collecting thousands of items of food to help feed East Texans.

It's one of their favorite community projects each year. They break up into teams at Precision Spine Care and engage in some friendly competition to see who can bring in the most food for the East Texas Food Bank.

"Especially during the holidays, no child should be without food and I think it's amazing the staff is doing all of this," says Dr. Ellisiv Lien, Precision Spine Care.

The staff even decorates donation bins, but with 57-hundred items and counting on Thursday... they moved beyond the boxes. As doctors, nurses and caregivers, they're used to helping others, but they wanted to do more for the community.

"It's really heartwarming to see we have food stacked up all around the office and people keep bringing it in by the wheel barrel loads," says Dr. Charles Gordon, Precision Spine Care. "We think this is such a good idea (that) we want to challenge our friends at Azalea Orthopedics." Dr. Gordon wanted to issue a friendly wager for a good cause to Azalea Orthopedics to also collect food.

Last year, the teams at Precision Spine Care donated more than 5,100 items to the East Texas Food Bank. This year, they broke their record by collecting 9,500 items of food.