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Preventing small wildlife from drowning in pools

As we dive into swimming pool season, make sure you are thinking about those critters that could get caught in your pool water.

TYLER, Texas — The Texas non-profit Bat World Sanctuary is making a plea for pool owners to purchase one device that could save wildlife. Known as a "frog log" or "critter skimmer," these inexpensive add-ons are an easy solution to helping small creatures such as bats, birds, mice and frogs from drowning. 

The clever tool uses the flow of water to help push wildlife towards the skimmer where a small ramp is attached so they can safely fly or hop away to drier ground.

The most common types of bats found in pools are red bats, evening bats, Mexican free-tailed bats and tri-colored bats. The links provided below return a portion of the profits made to Bat World Sanctuary.

Frog Logs

Critter Skimmer

Round Critter Skimmer

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