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WHEN DANGER STRIKES: Protecting your church, business from active shooters

With proper planning, shootings like the one at Starrville Methodist Church can be avoided

TYLER, Texas — Protecting a business from unwelcomed guests has its hang-ups, but protecting a place of worship? Security consultant Jason Wilbur says that can be extra tricky.

“That's the hardest part with church security is you're supposed to be accepting of everybody," he explained.

Credit: TEGNA

The open-door policy that many churches have leaves room for those with evil intentions, but a balance between a welcoming and safe environment exists. Finding it starts with a plan or Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). 

“Is there any policy procedure in place on how to keep the structure secured at night? Is there a security team in place?" Wilbur walks through questions he asked during his consulting process.

Don’t only plan for an intruder. As Wilbur warns the worst offenders can be hiding in plain sight.

Credit: Alan Kasper

“That's the most difficult thing to prepare for, an insider threat," he said. "These people, you know, if they're not terminated, they still have active credentials and can come into the facility and likely not be screened at all by security.”

He’s seen it before  one of your own can come right in without raising any suspicions ready to wreak havoc. However, they likely won't be successful if you just stay the course and follow the plan.

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