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Remembering Cam'Ron Matthews one year later

It's been one year since 17 year old Alto High schooler Cam'ron Matthews, died playing the game he loved.  

ALTO - A year has passed and there is not a day when Ronnie Matthews isn't thinking about his son Cam'ron. His jersey, helmet and football are some of the items that remind him of his son.

"It's still hard because going on a year without our son is something we never thought we'd make it through," Matthews said. "We've been trying to best to hold up and stay strong."

Cam'ron died from a brain injury. His death shook the nation as he was one of the many young football players who died playing the game.

Cam'ron was a quarterback for the Alto Yellow jackets, proudly wearing the number one on his chest. He looked up to the one and only Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. Ronnie says Matthews and Newton have the same passion for the game.

"He was a true competitor, he loved to compete," Ronnie said. "He's got a fathead in his room of Cam Newton, he really loved him as a player."

Matthews said Cam'ron was the type of person who would help other in their time of need. His son signed up to be an organ donor. After he died, he saved six lives, including his own grandfather.

"To meet everybody and to see just how thankful they, it's really touching to us." Matthews said.

Even though he's been gone for a year, Ronnie is proud to have a son like Cam'ron.

"Goodness was already in him from when he was a little boy," Matthews said.

Matthews said his son was a good kid who he believed he was going to grow up to do great things in people's lives.

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