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Remnants of Hurricane Nicholas brings threat of power outages, downed power lines to East Texas

Portions of deep East Texas should prepare by having back up batteries and generators in case of a power outage as Nicholas passes through

TEXAS, USA — When it comes to any severe weather bringing gusty winds and heavy rain, power outages often make it to the top of the threat list.

Hurricane Nicholas is expected to pass through portions of deep East Texas South of Interstate 20 Tuesday night into Wednesday morning bringing wind gusts up to 40 mph at times.

In addition to the forecasted wind gusts, bands of heavy rain could add to the chance of power poles coming down during the storm with any saturated ground.

While preparing for a power outage, take an inventory of your necessary electronics that require a charge or extra batteries. Stock up on extra batteries, power packs and don't forget the flashlights!

Generators are a great source to help out but be sure to keep it outdoors and away from windows. 

With downed power lines, always assume that they are energized and dangerous. Do not touch downed wires and stay away by at least 30 feet. Call your power company to report an outage or downed power line immediately.