TYLER, Texas — A preliminary testing report found no live Legionella bacteria, the bacteria responsible for Legionnaire's Disease, in water samples taken from Harvey Hall.

The report, which was released to the city on Nov. 27, found that while there was no bacteria in the four potable water sources, there were dead bacteria in water collected from two kitchen sinks within the building.

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East Texas Water Quality, along with ERI Consulting, disinfected the sinks on Nov. 26. All other water infections were also disinfected. 

“We got good results on Wednesday,” Larry Snodgrass, President, ERI Consulting, Inc., said. “We flushed the system, disinfected the system and the fixtures and we are controlling the hot water in the building by turning it off.”

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Snodgrass says ERI will flush the system again Wednesday before the scheduled Mistletoe and Magic event Thursday.

The city is still waiting on more tests results from samples that need to be cultured before they can be analyzed. The city expects those results should come next week. 

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