TYLER, Texas — Residents voiced their opinions on new bike lanes coming to Tyler at Thursday's public meeting.

"The whole reason for having this meeting is to get the feedback whether they are positive or negative because this is not set in stone," Dr. Mena Souliman, an Associate Professor at The University of Texas at Tyler and designer of the bike paths.

Some residents say they aren't against all the bike paths, just the ones that run through their neighborhood. 

"I fail to see the need for a designated bike lane, you know, through a residential neighborhood such as ours," Charlie Colman said.  

Colman is one of many who lives near The Woods subdivision, who are against a bike path going through their community.

However, other residents say this is a big step forward for the city.

"I feel like this is Tyler joining the 21st century," Andrew Spurlin said. 

Spurlin previously lived in Austin before moving to Tyler. He says he's excited to see the city take this step.

The City says the purpose of the lanes is to add more transportation opportunities and keep bicyclists and drivers safe.

"I usually don't feel safe riding a bike in Tyler but I try anyway," Spurlin said.

In the proposed plan there are 11 lane routes. The project is designed to connect the three colleges along with a centralized hub near the downtown area.

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