TYLER — A Robert E. Lee class ring that has been missing for nearly five decades was reunited with its owner, all the way in Florida.

Nick Sweets has an obsession with metal detecting, and came across a 1972 class ring on Saturday.

"Being able to be the one that says, 'I found it, here you go.' It's the world to me," said Sweets.

After doing some digging, he found the owner, Travis Smith, through social media. He said he lost the ring outside of his apartment the year after he graduated.

"I thought that was really amazing. There's no other word for it," Smith said. "I thought that was really amazing. There's no other word for it."

Sweets said he hasn't stopped touching it since the weekend, making sure it's safe and sound until the ring is back on Smith's finger.

In May, CBS19 shared the story of Sweets creating another ring reunion.

He found a Kilgore woman's wedding ring.

"I actually saw the bottom of the ring, and thought it was a pull tab. Grabbed it with my finger like this," he said. "When I saw the diamond, I started dancing and jumping around and hooting and hollering."

Picking up the hobby about five years ago, he's found a few gems, like a Chinese coin from the 1700's, a diamond cross necklace and a silver dime.