Losing a wedding ring is a nightmare, and one Kilgore woman was living it.

After a routine softball game, Cheyenne Kirkpatrick grabbed her keys where she hooks her band, only to find them without a ring.

"Immediately retraced my steps, and I went back to the car -- didn't see it. It's a needle in a haystack. I mean, just absolute panic," she said.

That was in August.

"Thirty or forty people out here looking, crawling in the grass. We could not find it."

After eight months of looking high and low, she was finally reunited with her wedding ring on Saturday, and it was found just feet away from where she thought she lost it.

Nick Sweet from Longview found the ring using his metal detector.

"I actually saw the bottom of the ring, and thought it was a pull tab. Grabbed it with my finger like this," he said. "When I saw the diamond, I started dancing and jumping around and hooting and hollering."

Sweet was tagged in a post on Facebook about the missing ring through a mutual friend. He's known metal detecting hobby, and always keeps his in his car.

Picking up the hobby about five years ago, he's found a few gems, like a Chinese coin from the 1700's, a diamond cross necklace and a silver dime.

"This is my top favorite. I've always wanted to do a ring return," Sweet said. "She was like, 'Oh my god, I'm so happy.' I could hear the smile in her voice, and it just made me feel better

Cheyenne said she's forever grateful for the help of a stranger.

"I knew he had been out here a few times, but I had no idea he was still looking," she said. "Something that I thought was gone forever -- just heartbroken, and then it's there -- I can't thank him enough."

From now on, Cheyenne said she'll put her ring in the box if when she takes it off.