KYTX - Imagine driving on interstate 20 in the fast lane and a driver riding behind the tail of someone's car. Should the person: let them pass by or press on the brakes, forcing them to back off? One should let the driver pass. It's okay to feel angry about someone's driving, but it shouldn't get the best of the person.

Road rage is a problem Shane McCarter has faced countless times as a police officer.

"We look at the road rage we've had, it typically boils down to speed, driving too close or following too close," McCarter said.

A turned himself into Lancaster police after video of him pointing a gun at another driver went viral. In May, Longview police said a 23 year old was shot by another driver in front of a Brookshires. Investigators said the two got into a fight while driving in the parking lot.

According to the American Automobile Association, road rage incidents have been reported more often in cities such as: Dallas, Houston and Tyler since 2016. Whether it's yelling at other drivers, making angry gestures or blocking driver to change lanes, experts warn that type of behavior on the road is unacceptable.

Police said don't feed into someone's anger when on the road. Instead of giving the other driver any attention, try to safely exit the area.