For the Salvation Army, the red kettle campaign is a tradition dating back to the 1890's.

In 1987, one East Texas family made it their tradition too.

"From the time I was eight years old my family has had the tradition of ringing the Salvation Army bell," said Katy Payne, Volunteer

Now, 32 years later the tradition has grown to include multiple generations.

"When we started this along time ago who knew that it would grow into this and it would still be going on this long," says Barham Fulmer, Volunteer “I wanted my kids to understand that Christmas wasn't just about getting but giving too and so this was a way they could take couple of hours in their name and spend some time doing something for someone else."

Doing things for others is something the entire family looks forward to and has an even bigger meaning this year.

"This year giving back to others and loving others is even more important to me I have kind of a different perspective than I did before this is been a year with a lot of things for me that has kind of thrown me a lot of ways to grow," says Katy, "this summer I was diagnosed with breast cancer and that kind of came out of nowhere."

Shortly after Katy was diagnosed with breast cancer, her mom was too.

"It really changed perspective for my family and my kids and just our relationships and the way people took care of me during that time and still do, it just reminded me to give back even more just we need people you realize you want to give to people so I think that has changed me.” says Katy

A true commitment to the cause, a desire to help the community and reach out to others like other have reached out to her is what motivates Katy during this bell ringing season, and the fun of the family tradition of course.