TYLER — Mike Carter Field has seen many foul balls, strike outs, and home runs, but it saw something different on Wednesday evening.

The celebration was one of many similar celebrations across East Texas in a night dubbed Fields of Faith. The event is decades old and brings together athletes and other people from the community for a night of worship, prayer and testimonies.

"I'm ready to show my peers where I'm at," Robert E. Lee senior, Nathan Drain said, "I'm doing a little brief 10 minute testimony about where I've been in life."

Something "Fields of Faith" is all about.

"It's a movement in Christianity where you make a stand; one message, one stand and just everyone gets in here to get young people to share the Word," Robert E. Lee tennis coach Charlie Sizemore said.

He brought the event to Tyler ISD three years ago.

"I just want them to walk away from here on fire and just spread the word," Sizemore said.

For him there's nothing more amazing than seeing a student turn to God.

"It's more unbelievable than winning a district championship," Sizemore said.

The area director of Fellowship of Christian Athletes says this is growing rapidly across East Texas.

He spoke about the growth including the newest program at Chapel Hill ISD.

"In the past they've taken maybe a busload of kids to somebody else's Field of Faith, and last year they had 500."