People in Winnsboro woke up to an apartment complex without a ceiling. The winds powerful enough to rip the roof off. For Norma Henson, she said she's lucky. Henson recently moved out and said it was only minutes before the storm struck.

"I never thought it would happen here," Henson said. "I just keep thinking what if I was there when this came through?"

Not everyone was as fortunate as Henson. Three families at the Black Oak apartments had to move since the damage to their apartment homes. While there were a few who counted their blessings, other tried to come to terms with the damages. While Brenda Zimmerman was at work, Lisa Matson was alone with a tree branch landed on the roof of their home. Zimmerman's son's room was destroyed.

"Oh my gosh, it's like so many emotions," Matson said.

People from the First Baptist Church of Winnsboro volunteered their time to get rid of debris and tree branches. The damages would take time to fix, however, the people of Winnsboro expressed how grateful they were, since no one was hurt.