KAUFMAN COUNTY — The Kaufman County Sheriff's Office released video of a daring rescue of a few good Samaritans who helped a deputy save the life of a driver, Michael Pierce of Tyler, who was pinned in his vehicle that caught fire and filled the cab with smoke.

Pierce's wife, Marsha, said that Pierce told her, "the 18-wheeler locked up his brakes and he said that he locked up his and didn't have enough time to stop."

According to deputies the people went in to help free the trapped driver "without regard of their own safety" when one of their deputies, Connor Martin, arrived to the scene.

Working together, they eventually freed the driver.

"He (Pierce) really wanted to thank that officer," Marsha said. "He said he was an angel to him and he pulled him out of that thing, saved his life.They were both crying on the ground afterward."

The sheriff's office reached out to a few of those who helped the driver, but have not identified everyone.

Deputies are thanking to those they may have missed and would like to see them in person.

Pierce is currently at Parkland Hospital in Dallas. He was traveling to Dallas to see his son who's currently at Children's Medical Center for seizures.

Pierce's wife said he had surgery on his right leg for a broken tibia and fibula and he was treated for smoke inhalation.

He also has third degree burns on his feet, legs and hands, but Pierce's wife said they will get past this.

***Warning: This video contains footage of a serious traffic accident.