Three-year-old Sherin Mathews' story made national headlines, breaking hearts and bringing communities and strangers together in anger and seeking justice.

Strangers including two Texas women and Dallas attorney, Bilab Khaleeq.

"We brainstormed how we could get this implemented and actually started the process. We looked at other states to see what they were doing, we looked at Caylee’s Law which also includes the fact that if the child is missing, the parents have an obligation to report within in an hour to two hours, not only to report but to report to 911,” said Khaleeq

The group is working to push through what they are calling, Sherin's Law.

The law would require a minimum age for leaving a child home alone. If the child is missing, a report would need to be made within an hour, and anyone who knows of child abuse happening and doesn't report it could face a misdemeanor charge.

This law is still in the drafting process, but Khaleeq hopes it will be finalized and ready to present by March 2018.