Skylar feels at home on the basketball court, but after spending a couple of years in the foster care system, he's ready to be part of a family. "I would probably just want like a foster brother, like the same age as me," Skylar said. He is an easy going teenager. "Like if I want to play basketball, I see if I can get more friends to play or I will probably just play Xbox or something." His favorite video game is Styx. "It's kind of like a stealth game like Batman a little bit. There's a goblin and his name is Styx.

Skylar's favorite subject in school is right in line with his hoop dreams. "I mean I like PE a lot," Skylar said. But he also enjoys science class. "Science just fascinates me. A lot of stuff you can learn out there, The solar system and stars."

He's a teen with a dream of being a basketball player one day, but also thinks about being a police officer. "So, I could eventually stop all of the bad stuff that's going on in the world," Skylar said.

Skylar needs a family who is patient and accepting of him. They would encourage his creative side while providing structure for his education since he's already been through a lot in his 13 years. My mom's friend took us over and then after that we moved to a shelter and then me and my brother moved to separate homes," according to Skylar.

The perfect family in Skylar's opinion would be a family that doesn't fight, is loving and likes to do fun activities. He wants people to know that he is a good kid.