‘Alt-Right’ Movement flyers popped up around Tyler, and now, the Smith Co. GOP is speaking up.

"Our track record of the republican party has no tolerance for this kind of behavior," said Brent Thompson, Smith Co. GOP Chairman.

The movement is defined as an offshoot of conservatism, mixing racism, white nationalism and populism," or, more simply, "a white nationalist movement."

The man behind this particular sign campaign calls himself Fashy Haircut on Twitter - clearly paying homage to fascism.

He, Nathan Damingo, does not live in Tyler, nor Texas, but those here are buying merchandise from him and posting them on buildings and utility poles.

After CBS19 reached out to him for comment, he deleted his website where he was selling these flyers.

He also has another site - Identify Europa - where propaganda is for purchase.

Kia Johnson works in the shopping center where the flyers were hung off Broadway and Rieck Road. She said she is thankful she never laid eyes on the messages of *inequality before the flyers were taken down, but she is feeling the impact.

"That's a little scary, just to have the fact of not knowing who put them up," Johnson said. "For it to be posted where I work is kind of disturbing."

Still, nobody has taken responsibility for posting these alt-right themed flyers.

Johnson's co-worker Crissy Stephens said those behind the flyers acted quick.

"We never even noticed them. That's how fast the city reacted to these," she said. "That tells me the city is being proactive, which is good because we don't want that kind of negativity in our city, let alone around our business."

Thompson said smith county is a united community, and these flyers are not a representation of the area.

"It's not left or right. It's somebody just wanting to make a name for themselves, which is being a coward, especially with them not owning up to it," Stephens said.

Johnson said she has a few words for those responsible.

"Nothing that I want to say on TV,” she said.