Cannon Shurme was so excited to be adopted that he borrowed the microphone from Judge Carole Clark and began to sing.

The 4-year-old was delighted to finally be part of the family that already had adopted his older brother, DaKyrian Givens, 7, and sister, Ahnesty Shurme, 12.

The national Adoption Day event Friday saw nine children become part of forever families, thanks to the help of The Smith County Young Lawyers Association and Judge Carole Clark’s 321st District Court.

Families came from as far away as Dallas to have the final steps of their adoptions streamlined and enjoy fun for the first time as an official family.Community partners, such as Therapets, were on hand to provide entertainment at the Dr. Seuss themed event.

When Vickie Cole began to foster, she never imagined she would end up eventually calling three medically fragile boys her sons.“I was going to foster out of loneliness. I was divorced and my only child had moved out,” I met (Jacob, her oldest boy) and fell in love.”

Her daughter, Jamie Arnold, was happy to finally have siblings.

“I’ve always wanted a bigger family and she loves them,” Cole said. “My house was so lonely. It’s so full of life now. They really love each other.”

Cole said without the help of the adoption agency A World Without Children, she would not have known how to even get the process started.

“There are a lot of special needs children, I encourage anyone to foster,” she said. “You get to know them and they’re so loving.”

The event might be Judge Clark’s favorite day of the year. Often her job involves the having to separate children from their family for their own good. At this event, not only does she get to create new families, but even bring some back together, as was the case with Cannon and DaKyrian, thanks to their aunt, Aspen Lincoln, and the support of their extended family.

“Adoption Day is the highlight of everything I do,” Clark said. “A lot of what I do isn’t always happy, but this is so wonderful.”

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