Strawberry, Honeysuckle and lavender are only a few of the heavenly smells that come out of the Community Healthcore kitchen in Marshall.

A little over a year ago, the ETBU Enactus team and Community Healthcore came up with 'Heavenly Scent Soap'.

"East Texas Baptist University brought the idea to our CEO of Community Healthcore. The concept was that adults with developmental disabilities make soap." says, IDD Director, Sandra Taylor.

"ENACTUS is the student organization that is on the ETBU side of it. It’s a group of college teams, at 2,000 colleges across the world, that engage in social entrepreneurship projects, they apply business principles to social problems in ways that either benefit the community or the environment," says Dean of the Fred Hale School of Business Barry Evans

The students came up with the idea of what to sell, while the individuals at the Marshall Day Habilitation center came up with the name through a contest.

With over 100 entries, 'Heavenly Scent Soap' was chosen and the business took off.

Students on the ETBU Enactus team learn project management, marketing, and business development skills, while individuals with developmental disabilities gain experience while earning money by producing high-quality soap.

But, it's so much more than high-quality soap, it's soap with a story.

"Each bar of soap not only comes with a nice label and nice packaging, it also has a card about the soap specialist with a little about the person who made it," Says Evans, "Just something about them that finds a connection between the consumer and the product."

You can purchase a bar of honeysuckle soap, made by Robert who enjoys playing softball or a lavender soap bar from Chris who enjoys taking care of her animals at or email Heavenly Scent Soap.