Imagine showing up to play a game of soccer, only to find the net torn up. It happened on Monday at Lindsey Park in Tyler, thanks to unknown vandals.

"Something like this was done purposefully," said Randy Hill, president of the Tyler Soccer Association. "A sharp knife would take a while to do that. I'm thinking it was cut with shears, or something to cut wire."

Hill said this is not normal wear and tear, adding nets are replaced every two to three years.

He said there was a time when nets were removed after soccer season ended, but in the last few years, nets are left up year round for anyone to use.

After this incident, Hill said he's thinking of removing nets after games are over every Saturday.

While the City of Tyler owns Lindsey Park, the soccer association owns all equipment, meaning it's up to them to foot the bill. However, it's not the money Hill said he is worried about, it's the principle.

"I'm hoping that whoever did this doesn't do it again, and that you feel bad about it," he said.

Repairing the nets will cost several hundred dollars.

Russ Jackson with the City of Tyler Parks and Recreation told CBS19 the city will not help with the repairs of the goal netting, adding it's the responsibility of the soccer association.

The nets will be repaired before soccer season begins in about a month.