PRICE — While it may sound a bit bizarre, some high school athletes at Carlisle Independent School District are having seizures, and nobody knows why.

Carlisle ISD Superintendent Mike Payne said five girls experienced seizures within the last month. One of them has epilepsy, but he said they cannot figure out why the other girls had seizures.

"This was kind of disturbing to us," he said. "You'd think that, well, they're in the peak of health."

According to Payne, doctors said they were healthy and well to continue with athletics.

About a week ago, the school conducted air quality tests, trying to figure out if anything was wrong with the athletic facility in the high school.

Payne said there were no unusual things found.

CBS19 asked Payne if there was a possibility of drug use. He said the girls who suffered from seizures are good students, and that was not a possibility the district has looked into at this time.

"We care about your child, we're going to take care of your child to the best of our abilities," Payne said.

The district will continue testing the air quality, but they are bringing in outside sources. They have not confirmed who they will be using, but CBS19 was told those tests will be completed by the end of January.