LONGVIEW — The first day of school can be stressful for everyone, especially first year teachers.

Teila Washington is a new teacher at Spring Hill High School and said she is up for the challenge.

"I didn't know anyone. The kids, teachers...that was the nerve-wracking part. But, it was the first day, so it was a big introduction," Washington said.

Washington is bringing her background in multimedia and passion for helping others to her audio and visual production class.

Washington plans to teach her students everything from writing scripts and setting up lights to video editing.

"Everything that I was deprived of or didn't get in my high school education, I want to give it to them and make sure that they have it as well. "

She grew up in Henderson, Texas with dreams of becoming a sportscaster. But, Washington decided to give teaching a try.

"The principal called and was like, would you be willing to come in and be a permanent substitute? Teaching is not something I've ever wanted to do...he said just come, be a substitute, try it out. You never know, you might like it. He was right, I actually love it."

This year, Washington hopes to expand the school's scoreboard program, 'Panther Vision.'

Students edit together promotional videos to display during sporting events. It's similar to what Washington said she learned while studying in college.

"I got to sit and watch how they put on the big productions on their jumbo tron at the collegiate level, which is what I want to bring here."

The program began last year and has since doubled in size.

Washington hopes it inspires her students to pursue their passion, like she did.

"That is my ultimate goal, to have someone come up to me and say this is what I want to do in college and you're the reason that I want to do it."