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Superintendent emphasizes importance of hydration after students hospitalized following halftime performance at East Texas football game

All students who were treated have been released.

BROWNSBORO, Texas — After some students were hospitalized for dehydration at Brownsboro's Friday night game, Superintendent Keri Hampton said she's thankful the students are doing much better and emphasized the importance of staying hydrated.

Brownsboro Fire and Rescue said after the halftime show around 9 p.m. last Friday, student performers and band members left the field when officials were told about three students needing medical attention for "heat exposure type symptoms."

Hampton said the students were ultimately diagnosed with dehydration. 

"We are very thankful that the students are doing much better, and our staff are putting an emphasis on the importance of hydration in all of our physical activities, especially those that take place outdoors," Hampton said in a statement Wednesday.

The fire and rescue team, which was already at the football game, immediately treated the affected students. 

The three students were taken to the hospital by ambulance, while several others were taken by a private vehicle to the hospital, officials said. Some were treated and released on scene. By Saturday, Hampton said students received treatment and were released home.  

"Brownsboro ISD would like to thank our first responders for their swift and steady actions in taking care of our students this past Friday evening, as well as our administration for their impetuous response to facilitate an unanticipated situation," she said. 


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