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Fire ants invade East Texas homes

In the summertime, Alpha Pest Control responds to 70% more calls about ants getting into the house than they do in the winter months.

TEXAS, USA — First they pinch, then they burn and itch. Fire ants are not only an annoying guest many East Texans have right now, but their bites are painful too.

Seth Newberry with Alpha Pest Control said in the summertime, his team responds to 70% more calls about these guys getting into the house than they do in the winter months.

All of the dry air and burn bans send the ants inside for cool moist air.

They’ve made themselves cozy in CBS19 Producer Amanda Alicea’s house.

“We've had like instances where if I leave food out for a minute, ants are coming into my house and kind of biting us all over,” Alicea said.

She’s found bites on her legs, ankles and even between her fingers.

"It's getting pretty bad,” Alicea said.

To keep the headache away, make sure your yard is as maintained as much as possible. If you’re seeing ant mounds multiplying in your yard and you’re overwatering, you’re probably making matters worse, Newberry said. 

"When you water that much and use that much irrigation in your yard, they get attracted to your yard because there's moisture in those areas," Newberry said. 

Short of calling a professional, it’s a good idea to treat  the home’s perimeter with fire ant deterrent as well.

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