It can happen to anyone. You're jogging, distracted, and suddenly, you're taken by surprise by an intruder.

It's a scenario that has happened to many victims across the county, even in East Texas. But in these moments of struggle, what do you do? And how do you make it out alive?

Brandon Jones, self defense instructor and owner of Tyler Kung Fu & Fitness, says the idea is very scary, but you have to fight back, and turn your fear into anger.

"You have a small window of opportunity," said Jones. "They are only going to attack you if they are 100% going to be successful. So in a way, that's an opportunity for you because if you fight back and give them a struggle," he said.

Jones said the key is in using what you have available.

"If you have a finger or you catch the eye, you better push that eye," he said. "You have to realize whatever you have free, you have to attack with that arm or leg... you have to wiggle like a fish out of water... you can't stop moving."

The same goes if you're attacker has managed to pin you down. Jones said the key is in using force from your hips.

"Even if they are sitting across your hips, we're going to take them this way... move your hip up this direction.. You have to roll the opposite direction to get out if there, to escape.

And it doesn't stop there -- Jones said you should also make as much noise as you can, to distract your attacker.

Running the same trail everyday, can also help. "If you do deviate, let somebody else know the trail you are on. Give them a time that it would take you. That way, if you're not back in an hour and a half, they'll know something is wrong," said Jones.

Jones said it's all about doing what you have to do to stay alert, fight back, and escape.

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