LONGVIEW - It's understandable to feel 'politically overwhelmed'. If this year's election is a downer, the owners of the Alpine Target Golf Center created a way for people to disconnect. Try taking a swing at Presidential nominees. Golf center owner Mike Williams said people can take their frustrations out by casting their shot.

"It's not gonna hurt anyone if they get hit in the face in this aspect anyway," Williams said.

Hillary Clinton is placed on the left with Donald Trump on the right. Williams wants to make light of this year's election with hopes to make people laugh for a second.

While it's all fun for those who want to take aim at the nominees, Williams said the majority of golf is how players do on their short game. Chase Fisher said it's a skill he needs to work on.

"Aw man short game have never improved," Fisher said. "It's always a working progress but it's good practice."

When Fisher tees up for his next swing, he said he hopes the mini game will encourage others to cast their vote.

"If you have a vote no matter what it is, go out there an cast," Fisher said.

Clinton and Trump targets will be up until the election is over. Mike Williams said he might add the Vice Presidential nominees Tim Kaine and Mike Pence.