A Sunset Commission with be held by the Texas Legislature in 2019 to discuss the effectiveness of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC), and if it should be allowed to continue.

TABC held a roundtable session today with members from the Texas Senate and House of Representatives, along with many local retailers and distributors from East Texas to discuss the upcoming 2019 meeting.

One of the big topics discussed was TABC's initiative to end human trafficking through conducting long-term investigations into businesses with ties to organized crime, and by providing training to their distributors on how to spot human trafficking.

Another new push the commission is working on is a Veterans Outreach Program, whereby they will certify businesses as being "veteran-owned."

Other topics of discussion were the mobile app, the push to move things away from paper toward the web, as well as self-inspections for select vendors without violations.

If you want your voice heard for the 2019 Sunset Summit, you can find that form and more information here.