TYLER — As Hurricane Florence continues churning towards the east coast, a group here in Texas is making sure they're ready to help anyway they can.

"Texas Baptist Men" is a state-wide organization that helps with disaster relief and recovery all around the globe.

Hectic is a good way to describe the past 48 hours for Dwain carter and members of the "Texas Baptist Men.”

The organization's deputy director of disaster relief says the Dallas-based group has been making plans to travel to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to help soften the blow Hurricane Florence is sure to leave behind.

"Since it hasn't made landfall we don't know exactly when yet so we're working on feeding plans, we're working on cavalry plans, we're working on chaplains, we're working on chainsaw flood recovery, all of that kind of stuff," Carter said.

Carter said they've also been preparing their tractor trailer, which has been converted into a kitchen that can cook about 30,000 meals a day.

"Well we go to bring the love of Christ to people and so to do that we have to go upfront and so when we go with our feeding people there's people that won't be leaving and someone has to be there to feed them," Carter said.

The organization does more than just help with food and cleanup efforts, it also offers temporary child care groups.

"They watch kids while the parents of the kids do all the paperwork for FEMA and their state and all of that stuff so that they can get that stuff back in order," Carter said.

The group was supposed to leave this weekend, but due to the potential of nasty weather in the Gulf of Mexico they’re waiting until next week

"So we've been kind of put on hold a little bit to see what happens there because we don't want to be all the way on the east coast when we're needed right here in our own state," Carter said.

Despite the delay, Carter says when it's time to help they won't hesitate.

"So we've been getting everything ready so it'll all work together. Getting our portable generator our big portable generators up and running you know just making sure everything is ready so that it's there," Carter said.

If you’d like to help the ‘Texas Baptist Men’ click here.