The First Lady of Texas is headed back to Austin, after attending a fundraiser in Longview.

First Lady Cecilia Abbott joined the Republican Women of Gregg County at the Longview Museum of Fine Arts.

The group is hosting a murder mystery dinner for Rahab's Retreat and Ranch. A nonprofit Kilgore women's shelter, that specializes in helping women get out of sex trafficking.

Founder and Executive Director Teresa Richenberger says the money will help the shelter grow.

“This money is a blessing and will help to increase the number of women we serve dramatically.” Richenberger said. “Fifteen to 25 more women can live here once we expand another wing.”

Richenberger also mentioned how successful the shelter has been in leading women on the right path.

Many of the ladies at the shelter had the opportunity to meet the First Lady.

They tell us that opportunity was inspiring and serves as a reminder of their new positive outlook on life.